The Blowing Stone Pack of 4 x 70CL


4x70cl, 42%vol


Treat yourself to a set of Blowing Stone gins! The Ashdown Series is a tribute to Alfred’s first victory over the Danish Vikings. Batch-distilled using our three-part process, we use a blend of beautifully balanced botanicals which could be found locally during the middle ages.

Featuring our superbly smooth London Dry gin, our newly released Nettle & Blackberry gin, our sweet and sexy Wild Strawberry gin and our regal Crabapple & Royal Ginger gin.

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Silver Medal (1)

Specially Selected

The gins that make up the Blowing Stone Full Size Collection begin with our beautifully strong juniper and citrus London Dry base.


For a classic G&T, mix any of the Blowing Stone London Dry Gins with tonic water and garnish with a slice of lime or lemon.