Making World Class Spirits

Every craft spirit produced by the Hawkridge team is the result of careful recipe development by our qualified distillers and meticulous ingredient selection.  Our packaging and design experts ensure that all our beautiful liquid is only ever put into equally as beautiful bottles.

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Our Gin

Our Base Spirit:

Starting with wheat derived neutral grain spirit, we use the processes of maceration, distillation and infusion to build the flavour layers of our craft gins.  Our signature Hawkridge “canon” of botanicals includes a strong charge of juniper, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander seed and angelica root.  The beautiful complexity and balance of Hawkridge gin comes through the finest floral and herbal botanicals that we use, including rose petals, lavender, mint and rosemary.

Our Spirits

Following maceration for 24 hours, we begin the gentle distillation of the base spirit.  Diluting the base spirit to 50% ABV, we apply heat which leads to the oil-rich vapours which contain the flavours of our gin to rise through the still’s column.  Passing through the infusion basket which contains our more delicate botanicals such as petals and fresh herbs, the vapour is passed through a condenser which converts it back into a liquid form which is now bursting with flavour.

Each distillation takes approximately 8 hours and throughout the process the flavour components being released by the distillation change.  The final gin is the combination of all the flavours generated throughout the distillation process.  Towards the end of the distillation, once the distillate from the still reaches 75%, our master distiller will “cut” the “tails” off to prevent any off notes or unwanted flavour compounds coming through into the gin.  This ensures a beautifully fresh final distillate which only holds the flavours we initially wanted to capture.

& Dilution

Once distilled, we leave the “hearts” of the distillation to rest for 2 days.  This helps the flavour components in the distillate to settle and bond.  The distillate is then diluted using ultra-pure water which has been processed through a reverse osmosis treatment system to the bottle strength required.  It is then connected to our filtration and bottling process to make the final product.

Client Spirits

As one of the most decorated distilleries in the UK, Hawkridge Distillers works with some of the world’s most exclusive and discerning clients.  Top hotels, luxury retailers, high-end wedding venues and celebrities work with us to create truly outstanding spirits. Our commitment to using traditional production methods, fine ingredients and our distillery team’s expertise in curating wonderful recipes set Hawkridge apart as a leading bespoke spirit creation partner.