Our Values

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A Passion For

Hawkridge was founded on the passion of its owners for making premium distilled spirits. Our craft is a labour of love and every product we develop goes through the same exacting process to ensure it is a truly exceptional spirit.

Every member of our distilling team takes great pride in their work and the products they produce.  Investing continuously in new equipment and team training has been pivotal in keeping enthusiasm so high.

A Commitment to

No matter what the project may be, our distillery team will not allow anything less than a world class spirit to leave our premises. The Hawkridge brand is synonymous with quality, luxury, and attention to detail.  That is why in every step of our production process, from picking botanicals to the careful blending of spirits, we apply the same exacting standards.


Constantly pushing boundaries in the development of new flavours and the use of innovative botanicals, the Hawkridge team have produced many unique spirit masterpieces.  But our passion to innovate is also reflected in our use of technology in production which we evolve to deliver continuous improvements in efficiency and the quality of our end products.