The Blowing Stone, London Dry Gin Miniature


5cl, 42%vol

A pocket sized serving of the winner of ‘Best English London Dry Gin’ at the World Gin awards 2021. ‘The Blowing Stone’ London Dry Gin is the first in our Ashdown Series and is a tribute to Alfred’s first victory over the Danish Vikings. Batch-distilled using our three-part process, we use a blend of beautifully balanced botanicals which could be found locally during the middle ages.

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Specially Selected

Its delicate and distinctive flavour comes from a blend of meadowsweet, elderflower and hand-picked wild gorse from the North Wessex Downs. In the 9th Century honey was a delicacy and as we are also beekeepers, we add a dash of our home-made local honey to help smooth the flavour and provide the sumptuous viscose mouthfeel of our gin.


Mix The Blowing Stone London Dry Gin with lime juice and simple syrup, served either straight up or on the rocks.