The Blowing Stone, Crabapple and Royal Ginger Gin Miniature - Hawkridge Distillers

The Blowing Stone, Crabapple and Royal Ginger Gin Miniature

5cl, 42% ABV


A pocket sized serving of the third release in the Ashdown Series, Crabapple & Royal Ginger gin. Using our delicious London Dry recipe as a base, we use locally-sourced crab apples and fresh ginger to create an intriguing gin which is both sweet and smooth – balanced with a subtle gingery zing at the same time.

Soldiers from both the Anglo-Saxon and invading Viking armies would have foraged for wild apples – known as ‘crabbe’ – as they traversed the Kingdoms of England.

In the 9th Century, ginger was a luxury experienced almost exclusively by the Royal Courts and was most likely imported from the Mediterranean region by spice merchants. Alfred the Great would have certainly enjoyed a sumptuous combination of fresh fruits enriched with exotic spices such as ginger.


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