Limited Edition Searcys London Dry Gin

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Britain’s oldest catering company, Searcys’ roots can be traced back to the vision of the Victorian entrepreneur, (and the Duke of Northumberland’s confectioner), John Searcy. He honed his skill catering at lavish parties for royal and high society and word of his talent spread quickly. Continuing his discerning legacy, in June this year, Searcys has launched its exclusive London Dry Gin which pays homage to the rich legacy of British gin-making. Drawing inspiration from the opulence of the Victorian era, this bespoke gin is carefully crafted using botanicals sourced from the idyllic Royal Berkshire countryside. The blend features rosemary, lavender, blackcurrant leaves, and lemon verbena, harmoniously balanced with juniper and citrus for a nuanced, well-rounded taste with a lingering floral essence.

Developed in collaboration with the celebrated British distillery, Hawkridge Distillers (, the gin reflects Searcys’ Victorian heritage by incorporating the flavours and herbal botanicals in vogue during this period. The gin is distilled using a meticulous three-part process that involves traditional distillation, vapour infusion, and the addition of a Victorian-inspired botanical tea. To add a touch of sweetness, the spirit is then expertly smoothed with honey from Searcys’ very own beehives.

Searcys London Dry Gin is available on the Searcys website for £49.00 including a beautiful gift box.